Testimonials by Participants

"Der CAS-Kurs hat die in seinem Outline formulierten vier Ziele bei weitem übertroffen. Für meine berufliche Tätigkeit konnte ich die Fähigkeit weiterentwickeln, Länderbeurteilungen nicht nur nach sicherheitspolitischen, sondern auch nach wirtschaftlichen, gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Kriterien vorzunehmen. Ich kann den Kurs jedem empfehlen, der beruflich mit Afrika zu tun hat."
Peter Marti (Stv. Chef Verteidigungs- und Rüstungspolitik, VBS), CAS 2015/16

"What made this course particularly valuable is the balance between input session and space for reflection as well as the various lecturers with different backgrounds and expertise."
Florence Seabra (Communication Manager Africa Middle East, Syngenta), CAS 2014/15

"Die Erwartungen, die ich zu Beginn des CAS formuliert habe, sind alle erfüllt. Die Auseinandersetzung mit verschiedenen Themen zusammen mit kompetenten Dozent/innen und vor allem die Reflexion der eigenen Erfahrungen waren sehr wertvoll für mich. Ich gehe mit noch mehr Motivation und Freude meinen beruflichen Alltag an und fühle mich in meinen Kompetenzen gestärkt."
Beatrice Bürge (Programmverantwortliche Kenia/Sambia/Simbabwe, COMUNDO), CAS 2014/15

“During the course we studied and discussed an extremely wide range of topics. It is especially useful for people who are dealing with Africa in their everyday life - even if you think you know a lot it becomes obvious quickly that there is an enormous amount to learn, yet. The participants were encouraged to take part in the discussion at almost all times and the course was perfectly organised.”
Ursula Schoepfer (CEO/Owner, Dispopharm Services), CAS 2013/14

“One of the main gains of this course is to deal with so many aspects of ‘Africa’ in breadth and depth, getting updated information and thinking about so many issues. The beauty of the course, and what makes it different from others, lies in its intimacy - on the one hand you have all these highly qualified experts at your fingertips to answer many of your questions, and on the other you really get to engage with the group, interesting and interested, experienced, funny, knowledgeable people - delve in and enjoy!”
Sibylle Ganz-Koechlin (Owner/Head of Business, TripleT trainingthetrainers), CAS 2013/14

“Some things were exactly as I’d expected (e.g. great range of topics, fun group of people, pleasure to be back studying, etc.). Other aspects were surprises, such as the highly impressive spread of lecturers, the great atmosphere in the Centre and the groups average age. So if you ask me whether the course met my expectations, I can’t ‘fully agree’. But if the question really means ‘Did you enjoy the course and get as much out of it as you had hoped?’, then the answer is yes!”
Paul Castle (Communications Manager, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture), CAS 2013/14

“I was searching for a catalyst to boost up my modest knowledge about Africa in a short time. This was essential for my work as a president of an NGO and as a wife of a newly elected politician in Kenya. What I got was this and much more: a great setting, excellent lecturers and interesting participants. On the one hand I learned a lot about Africa but even more so about myself, my way of thinking, my prejudices and way of looking at Africa. A very enlightening course!”
Barbara Fuhrer (President, Pro Ganze Kenya), CAS 2013/14

“The wide range of experts involved helped us participants not only to confront some of our often overly simplistic assumptions about Africa, but also to sample many different aspects of African studies and develop an 'African network' in Switzerland. By the end of the course, I think we all had more questions about Africa, including its geographical limits, than when we started, but also much more idea about where to turn to explore particular issues. Once seemingly clear boundaries between nations, religions, cultures and academic disciplines now appear to be much fuzzier and the world much more interconnected than before. Professionally, I have already been able to benefit in my work from some of the contacts I made through the course. Personally, the CAS has greatly helped me to place some of my personal experiences and 'issues' in a wider and richer historical and social context. All in all, I felt my time was well spent and would warmly recommend the course to others wishing to develop and enrich their encounters with Africa's diversity.”
Silvia Dingwall (Board member, CABOZ AG/President, CABOZ Action), CAS 2013/14