Courses of free choice (Komplementärbereich)

In this section you may choose any course offered at the University of Basel as well as at other Universities. We would like to draw your attention to the following courses. For registering for courses outside the University of Basel please contact the office at the Centre for African Studies for guidance.

Furthermore the Language Centre of the University of Basel, offers several language courses, e.g. Arabic, English and Swahili.


University of Basel

48338               Proseminar: Anthropology of Tourism
Brigit Obrist van Eeuwijk


48339               Proseminar: Doing Research in Agro-Pastoralism Area: Anthropological and Sociological Perspectives
Tina Tra

43412               Proseminar: Ethnologie und gesellschaftspolitisches Engagement
Barbara Heer

48603               Proseminar: Kämpfe verbinden? Der Zusammenhang von Kapitalismus, patriarchaler Geschlechterordnung, Rassismus und Speziesismus und herrschaftskritische Bündnispolitiken
Tobias Rein & Anika Thym

41216               Proseminar: Organisations and Society
Lena Berger

48935               Proseminar: Zur Geschichtsschreibung über die moderne Türkei 
Maurus Reinkowsk

47181               Lecture: Architecture Since 1900
Kenny R. Cupers

46859               Proseminar: Innovationen aus Afrika
Tanja Hammel

48560               Proseminar: Sozialismus in der arabischen Welt
Sevinc Dominique & Yasargil Bekhit

48646               Einführungskurs: Urbane Gesellschaften in Ostafrika
Benjamin Brühwiler


University of Zurich

701                 Seminar: « Rwanda : écrire par devoir de mémoire » 

                       Ursula Bähler

1318                Britain and Its Others: Colonial and Postcolonial Perspectives

                       Ana Sobral Mourao

440602             Stories, History, (Counter-)Memory: Rap and Contemporary Culture

                        Ana Sobral Mourao


University of Geneva

The University of Geneva offers a „Master en études africaines“ and thus numerous courses on Africa taught mostly in French.


University of Bern

Link:                course catalogue

434060             Course in Literature from the XIXth to the XXIst century: "We and the Others – The Others and We. Reciprocal Literary Perspectives between Old and New Worlds. XIXth-XXIth Centuries"
Patrick Suter

103711             Master Kolloquium Prof. Dr. T. Haller
Tobias Haller


University of Freiburg (Germany)

Students may profit from the Upper Rhine mobility programme in order to attend courses at the Albert Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg im Breisgau. Please note that the semester date differ from those at the University of Basel.

Link:                course catalogue

Student counseling

New students are required to contact the Centre for African Studies for student counseling in order to establish their individual study-portfolio.

They are also required to join the mailing list of the Centre for African Studies whereby they will receive a weekly newsletter and event-calendar.

Furthermore they are encouraged to join the facebook group "Centre for African Studies Basel" which provides a platform for exchange for students and friends of the Centre.


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