Basel Graduate Network African Studies

The Network seeks to integrate all PhD students with Africa-related projects at the University of Basel across disciplines and faculties irrespective of their affiliation with specific doctoral programmes. In cooperation with the Swiss Society for African Studies it promotes joint activities with other Swiss universities and the exchange within this national African Studies network. The Basel Graduate Network African Studies assists its members in tackling the methodological challenges related to Africa related research and interdisciplinary area studies and to make their findings relevant for the disciplines.

The programme, which is supported by swissuniversities, seeks to enhance the quality and relevance of both interdisciplinary and disciplinary Africa-related research offering targeted graduate workshops and courses in the following three domains:

Research:  methodology, interdisciplinarity, theory building

Themes: thematic workshops related to the key areas of Africa-related research at the University of Basel or emerging out of the individual PhD-projects

Skills: translation of research results into practice and application, presentation of results to academic and lay audiences

Upcoming training events

21-28.06.2017 Basel Summer School in African Studies 2017: African Studies and Africanists: Whence the Gaze?


University of Basel
Centre for African Studies
Rheinsprung 21
CH-4051 Basel
Tel.: +41 (0)61 207 34 82



Graduate Center

The Graduate Center of the University of Basel (GRACE) offers services and information, supports networking and interdisciplinary training formats and prepares doctoral candidates and postdocs for future challenges inside and outside academia.