The University of Basel offers students affordable accommodation in seven different student residences that are in the proximity of most institutes and faculties. Rooms are rented to all students regardless of sex, religion and nationality. All student residences are equipped with the usual services (washing machine etc.).

  • Katholisches Studentenhaus (Catholic Student Residence)
    The Catholic Student Residence has 70 rooms, which are rented to students of the University of Basel. All rooms are furnished and each has at its disposal a telephone and an internet connection. Students also have access to the library and TV, music, and recreation rooms.
    Rent: CHF 440.-- to 515.--, doctoral candidates pay higher rent
    Address: Herbergsgasse 7, CH 4051 Basel
    Contact: +41 61 264 63 63
    Internet: Homepage Kath. Studentenhaus

  • Borromäum Studentenwohnheim (Borromäum Student Residence)
    The Borromäum, which has 43 rooms, is open to young people who are studying.  All rooms are furnished and have a basin.  This residence, which puts a special emphasis on promoting a communal lifestyle, is not in the immediate vicinity of the University but is still within 5 minutes’ cycling distance of the so-called Kollegiengebäude.
    Rent: CHF 350.– bis 450.–
    Address: Byfangweg 6, 4051 CH Basel
    Contact: +41 61 205 94 30
    Internet: Homepage Borromäum

  • Alumneum
    The Alumneum has 25 furnished rooms und offers a familiar atmosphere.  Half of the students are from Switzerland and the other half from abroad.  There is a large communal kitchen, a library, a recreation room with TV and an idyllic garden enclosed within the premises.
    Address: Hebelstrasse 17, 4056 Basel
    Contact: +41 61 261 37 18
    Internet: Homepage Alumneum

  • Studentenheim Socinstrasse 6
    Adress: Socinstrasse 6, 4051 Basel
    Contact: +41 61 261 15 71

Accommodation Agencies

  • WoVe
    The Accommodation Agency & Room Exchange WoVe assists you in finding rooms and flats. WoVe rents out rooms or flats on eleven locations in Basel. Available accommodations can be checked online.
    Adress: Petersgraben 1, 4051 Basel
    Contact: +41 61 261 97 58
    Internet: Homepage WoVe
    Consultation hours: Tu 11 – 13, Th 17 – 19 and Fr 13 – 15

  • Virtual Marketplace
    The homepage of the University of Basel provides a virtual marketplace where you can find rooms and flats on offer. A similar service covering the whole of Switzerland can be found on (in German only).


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