Infrastructure & Services

The university has a wide range of services on offer to students: libraries, sport, PCs, Mensa, consultation, social projects, etc.

Further information can be obtained from the appropriate university life website of the university of Basel. Here a few of the more important services will be mentioned.

University Library

The Public Library of Basel University situated at 18 – 20 Schönbeinstrasse provides study facilities with a catalogued library in its reading room. The catalogue room has a generous number of workstations with internet and search facilities accessing the online catalogue of the library, which is also available on the internet. Not only is the greater part of library resources listed in this catalogue, but also most institute libraries and further specialist libraries in Basel. Most of the books can be electronically accessed and ordered. There is an efficient distance ordering system for books not available in Basel. 

University Sport

The sports facilities at the university of Basel have something to offer for everyone! Students making use of our martial arts, fitness, snow sports, training practice, relaxation, water sports and dance facilities among many others meet on a weekly basis. In addition, the university has at its disposal a gym and facilities for specialised forms of sport. During university holidays there is a reduced programme. Click here for further information.


The Mensa canteen caters for students, staff and guests on an area of three floors. In addition to the daily menu and the salad buffet the canteen also offers vegetarian food and a buffet with various organic vegetables. The Mensa menu is available online.

University Computing Centre (URZ)

The URZ provides a variety of services for students: apart from public workstations (use exclusively for university purposes) students may create a personal account on the student server and have access to software (shareware). Visit the homepage of the URZ.


The Association of Basel University students (SKUBA) also has a lot to offer to students.  Click here for further information.


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