Language training

Language courses at the University of Basel

Students from all faculties and university employees can choose from the wide variety of language courses on offer at the university's Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum).  The Language Centre, which you can find at Kornhausgasse 2, has a multimedia training room with 20 computers, an independent learning centre with 24 computers, and a Mediathek (infrastructure for group work/seminars/tutorials as well as individual PCs).

Teachers and lecturers can work individually with language learning programmes, including German, English, French, and Portuguese among many others, and web-based courses available in the “self-learning” (independent learning) centre. There is range of materials available for students doing independent or cooperative learning. A central part of this service is setting up and running the Tandem Exchange forum, which enables learning partnerships between two people with different mother tongues as well as of language courses within the framework of further education at the university.   Alongside language courses for specific purposes and foreign languages, the German as a Foreign Language course (DaF) is offered as well as general academic language skills.

Students have the opportunity to become proficient in new languages, improve existing language skills, or simply to fill the gaps in their knowledge, and the courses are structured to address these needs. The Language Centre’s website can provide up-to-date information and further details.

Since 2014 the Language Centre regularly offers Swahili courses. Other courses in African languages have been offered, too, and were organised depending on the demand by students, such as Djola/Bamana and Zulu.

Language courses offered by private schools in Basel  

Various private institutions offer German and foreign language courses. You can find an overview of the courses here.

Private institutions also offer courses in Swahili, for example Hakuna Matata Language Centre.


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