Scholarships for MA-students

The Centre for African Studies Basel (CASB) is currently unable to award its own bursaries and scholarships and there is virtually no scholarship programme catering for MA-students. However, we are committed to support each year one excellent graduate from an African university in applying for a scholarship of the Basel Commission for Young Scholars from Developing Countries. If you are an outstanding graduate, are supported by your home institution and have prepared an original research proposal making proof of your excellency please get in touch with the executive office of the Centre.

Scholarships for PhD-students and postdocs from African and other foreign countries

PhD-candidates and postdocs may apply for a scholarship from the Federal Commission for Foreign Students (FCS). Depending on the bilateral arrangements with the respective country of origin, the Commission advertises research scholarhips (up to 12 months on doctoral and postdoctoral level) and full doctoral scholarships (36 months). Please consult the homepage of the Commission for further information on conditions,  application procedure and deadlines.

Young and advanced scholars from South Africa may file an application for a short visit to the Swiss South African Joint Research Programme.

In addition the state of Basel-Stadt awards scholarships for post-graduate studies and theses. The scholarships are awarded for a maximum of three years. Post-graduate scholars who are interested in graduating in African Studies or one of the core subjects at the Centre for African Studies can request further information from the executive office of the Centre.

Research Grants for young scholars at the University of Basel

If you are a young scholar requiring financial support for a project you can apply to the Department for the Promotion of Junior Researchers (Ressort Nachwuchsförderung).

Research Trips Abroad

Short stays for data collection or internships are the rule in our training programmes. The executive office of the Centre offers guidance and assistance to the students and doctoral candidates at the Centre in raising the necessary funds.

Support for students in need

The University's Student Welfare Office offers an online guide that helps you plan your budget and offers further information about financing and scholarships.


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