Michelle Engeler

Michelle Engeler is a lecturer at the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Basel, and an affiliated postdoc at the Center for African Studies Basel. Her postdoc project is concerned with the im/mobile life plans and career trajectories, social relations and identities of highly skilled people of West African origin. Case studies include Burkina Faso, Guinea and Switzerland. 

Her PhD thesis (completed in 2013) focused on young people living in a Guinean border town. Key questions addressed young people's agency, different actors' life trajectories and the state in the making.

Focus in Research/ Teaching/ Region
Focus in Teaching:
  • qualitative research methods
  • youth
  • political anthropology
  • migration/mobility
 Focus in Research:
  • anthropology of the state
  • youth studies
  • academic lifeworlds
  • migration/mobility
  • borderland
  • methodology
  • life history
  Regional Focus:
  • West Africa, in particular Guinea and Burkina Faso

Books, Book Items
Articles, reports, blog posts...
  • Engeler, Michelle: Review: 50 Jahre Unabhängigkeit in Afrika. Kontinuitäten, Brüche, Perspektiven, in: The Journal of Modern African Studies 51, 2013, H. 4, S. 715-716.
  • Engeler, Michelle: Review: Child soldiers. Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front, in: African Affairs, 2011, S. 515-517.
  • Engeler, Michelle: Review: Making nations, creating strangers. States and citizenship in Africa, in: African Affairs 108, 2009, H. 431, S. 321-322.