30 Sep 2023 - 11 Nov 2023

For Space, Basel

Culturescapes Festival 2023

Exhibition / Opening

Exhibition: "The six hundred seventy-four forms and a dragon"

A solo exhibition by Egyptian artist Yasmine El Meleegy

Photo courtesy of Yasmine El Meleegy

Yasmine El Meleegy is an Egyptian multidisciplinary artist who is also a sculptor and a time-traveling archaeologist. In addition to exhibitions in institutions and galleries, she repeatedly presents her work in public spaces. El Meleegy is concerned with the representation of history, with the past and memory. In doing so, she explores the question of how these very constructs can be repaired.

For her solo exhibition "The six hundred seventy-four forms and a dragon," El Meleegy takes up her research on "Future Farms," which she started in 2013. One central work in it consists of oversized tomatoes lined up in military fashion, titled "Organic." In it, she references so-called future projects, such as Sahara plantations growing organic food in the middle of the desert and drawing groundwater that is lacking elsewhere or testing Monsanto products "of the future" that are (still) banned in Europe and the US. 

Part of the Culturescapes Festival 2023

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