Student exchange

We encourage our students, especially those who focus on Africa, to enrich their study experiences by studying at an African university. There are currently agreements to promote student exchanges with various universities in South Africa and with the University of Namibia. There are contacts with other universities in Africa at the level of faculties through which student exchange takes place. For this reason we set up cooperations with African universities and look forward to informing you about current study opportunities.

The Centre for African Studies maintains exchange agreements with the following universities:

The agreements allow for a fee-waiver on the basis of reciprocity. The availability of positions depends on the balance of incoming vs. outgoing students in the respective programme.

Suitable (outgoing) candidates are selected on the basis of a comprehensive application to be submitted to the teaching commission of the Centre for African Studies. The application should comprise the following documents:

  • letter of motivation/application
  • short CV
  • comprehensive transcripts
  • copies of diploma
  • proof of proficiency in English
  • two letters of reference of faculty members of the University of Basel

The exchange in the frame of the agreements is open to students from the disciplines contributing to the interdisciplinary MA-course in African Studies at the University of Basel. The following factors are taken in account:

  • academic motivation and suitability
  • personal motivation and interpersonal skills
  • importance and value of the sojourn abroad and the respective academic programme for the candidate's academic curriculum (i.e. for the preparation of the BA- or MA-thesis)
  • academic specialisation in Africa

Students at the partner university (i.e. incoming students) apply to the respective International Office, or the committee handling the selection of students. In general interested students should submit their application to this committee well in advance, in general by the end of March and September respectively. The Centre for African Studies Basel can provide information and advise on the academic programme in the respective semester.

The Center of African Studies has agreements to promote student exchanges in particular with the University of Namibia. The following documents need to be submitted.

  • Application with justification / letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae including information about previous side activities
  • Certificates and / or data transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation from a senior lecturer (professor) and confirmation that the study achievements have been recognized in Basel
  • Proof of the TOEFL-Test (for courses in English)
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Student mobility

Study opportunities abroad

We are happy to assist students with an Africa focus with finding a host university and with organizing an exchange semester or year abroad, particularly in Africa.