Short courses

Our thematic short courses can be completed as stand-alone courses or serve as modules for the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in African Affairs.

[Translate to English:] governance

12/13 September 2019

Governance in Africa: Elections, Politics and Civil Society

Participants develop a thorough understanding of key concepts of governance, engage with the role of different actors involved in politics and appreciate different approaches to political order and transformation.

[Translate to English:] intercultural skills 2

26/27 September 2019

Intercultural skills: Collaboration & Management

This course provides participants with a thorough understanding of the challenges and success factors in working across cultural differences, and equipping them with practical skills in management and collaboration in an international environment.

[Translate to English:] Guinea - Rural Women's Cooperative Generates Income and Improves Community Life. Photo: UN Women/Joe Saade

17/18 October 2019

Development Cooperation: Africa and the SDGs

In this course, participants will develop a thorough understanding of global development cooperation (foreign aid), its main features, and the effects it has on African societies.

[Translate to English:] Maouloud Celebration in Bamako

8/9 November 2019

Political Religion: Tradition, Reform, Fundamentalism

This course challenges prevalent explanations of religious activism in Africa. Participants will be introduced to concepts of political religion and their application to African contexts in order to develop a historized and actors-centered understanding of current transformations.

[Translate to English:] youth

28/29 November 2019

Youth in Africa: Agents of Change or Ticking Time Bomb?

This course looks at various forms and images of being young in Africa. Participants engage with case studies and different perspectives on the overall theme, and develop a nuanced picture of young African “makers and breakers” on the continent and beyond.

[Translate to English:] korruption

6/7 February 2020

Corruption and Integrity in Business and Development

This course provides participants with a thorough and reflected understanding of corruption and integrity. Participants engage with experiences and best practices from the perspectives of Swiss SMEs and multinationals as well as developmental NGOs.

[Translate to English:] weltkarte

26/27 March 2020

Africa’s Place in the New World Order

Participants engage with current debates on Africa’s place in the new world order in-the-making as well as on emerging peace and security issues, including unconstitutional changes of government and transitional justice.

Courses offered by other organisations

swisspeace offers several postgraduate courses in collaboration with the University of Basel. These bridge current academic findings with the latest insights from peacebuilding practice. Postgraduate courses offered by swisspeace can be counted towards the CAS in African Affairs.

Postgraduate education courses offered by swisspeace