The Centre for African Studies links scholars who are engaged in Africa-related research and/or teaching at the University of Basel. Our network includes members of the various faculties as well as staff of our partner institutions.

Basel Institute on Governance
Claudia Baez-Camargo Basel Institute on Governance
Saba Kassa Basel Institute on Governance
Mark Pieth Basel Institute on Governance
Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Dag Henrichsen Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Susanne Hubler Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Jasmin Rindlisbacher Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Christian Vandersee Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Department Arts, Media, Philosophy
Ute Holl Media Science
Department of Biomedicine
Manuel Battegay Biomedicine
Thomas Klimkait Biomedicine
Department of Environmental Sciences
Lena Bloemertz Environmental Sciences
Markus Kalberer Environmental Sciences
Nikolaus Kuhn Environmental Sciences
Vogt Roland Environmental Sciences
Walter Salzburger Environmental Sciences
Vladimir Wingate Environmental Sciences
Department of History
Melanie Eva Boehi History
Tanja Hammel History
Cassandra Mark-Thiesen History
Julia Tischler History
Danelle Van Zyl-Hermann History
Department of Languages and Literatures
Isabelle Chariatte French Linguistics and Literary Studies
Christiane Schlote Anglophone Linguistics and Literary Studies 
Sandra Schlumpf-Thurnherr Ibero-Romance Linguistics and Literary Studies 
Department of Social Sciences
Manfred Max Bergman Sociology
Lesley Braun Anthropology
Julia Büchele Social Sciences
Kenny Cupers Urban Studies
Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix Sociology
Till Förster Anthropology
Manuel Herz Urban Studies
Alexandra Hofmänner Social Sciences
Rita Kesselring Anthropology
Elisio Macamo Sociology
Brigit Obrist Anthropology
Silke Oldenburg Anthropology
Sophie Oldfield Urban Studies
Fiona Siegenthaler Anthropology
Piet van Eeuwijk Anthropology
Faculty of Business and Economics 
Aleksander Berentsen Faculty of Business and Economics 
Faculty of Theology
Andreas Heuser Faculty of Theology
Institute for European Global Studies
Ralph Weber Institute for European Global Studies
Projects ZASB
Kadiatou Nénéin Diallo
Luregn Lenggenhager History
James Merron Sociology
Giorgio Miescher History
Lorena Rizzo History
Noemi Steuer Anthropology
Swiss TPH
Guéladio Cissé Swiss TPH
Claudia Daubenberger Swiss TPH
Sebastien Gagneux Swiss TPH
Jennifer Keiser Swiss TPH
Nino Künzli Swiss TPH
Sonja Merten Swiss TPH
Daniel Paris Swiss TPH
Martin Röösli Swiss TPH
Jasmina Saric Swiss TPH
Jürg Utzinger Swiss TPH
Mirko Severin Winkler Swiss TPH
Jakob Zinsstag Swiss TPH
Dominik Balthasar swisspeace
Laurent Goetschel swisspeace
Joschka Philipps swisspeace
Partner institutions
Aqiel Dalvie University of Capetown
Gregor Dobler Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Marcel Dreier Fund for Development and Partnership in Africa
Silva Lieberherr Bread for all
Andreas Mehler Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut/Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Barbara Müller KEESA/Afrika-Komitee
Jürg Schneider African Photography Initiative
President’s Office
Erich Thaler International Relations
Executive Office
Veit Arlt Executive Office
Pascal Schmid Executive Office

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