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Call for applications: Individual Residential Fellowships 3-10 months 2024/2025

Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA)

The Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) offers up to ten Individual Residential Fellowships for 3-10 months each at the University of Ghana (for the academic year 2024/2025).

The present call is for up to 10 individual residential fellowships of minimum 3 and maximum 10 months each for the academic year 2024/2025. The call is open to scholars (both on junior and senior levels) who have been awarded their doctoral degree at least three months before the start of the fellowship. The earliest starting date of a fellowship is 1st of June 2024 (especially for short stays of up to 3 months). Longer fellowships usually start on 1st of August, 1st of September, 1st of January, or 1st of February. The latest possible date for the end of a fellowship is the 31st of July 2025. Individual fellowships allow researchers to conduct a project of their own choice, connected to MIASA’s thematic research areas. Projects can be at conceptional stage, mid-term phase or final stage (analyzing data, writing up findings). Fellowships are residential with only short absences possible for activities such as conference participation and field work trips. Data collection cannot be the main purpose of a MIASA fellowship.

Deadline: 31 August 2023, 23.59 UTC via the application platform: