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Call: 10th Namibia Research Day in Basel and Windhoek

Verkehrsschild nahe Pella

Road sign near Pella, South Africa (Luregn Lenggenhager 2017)

Basler Afrika Bibliographien and ZASB, together with the School of Humanities, Society and Development of the University of Namibia, invite students and scholars working on Namibia to participate in the 10th Namibia Research Day (21 October 2023). Interested participants are kindly invited to register until 12 September 2023.

The Namibia Research Day brings together graduate students and scholars of all levels and from all disciplines to share their research, experiences and expectations. It offers the possibility to discuss ongoing or recently completed research on Namibia in an interdisciplinary context. The Day also offers the possibility for common reflection on a variety of (practical) issues researchers in Namibia are faced with, such as archival and institutional possibilities and challenges or questions regarding academic cooperation. The Day takes place in a hybrid format; nevertheless, we strongly encourage physical presence in Basel for participants based in Europe.

The 10th Namibia Research Day will divert from the previous Days and - apart from open panels - includes a workshop on “Namibian Studies - visions and expectations”.

Interested participants are requested to send a research abstract/project summary (not more than one page) for either the open panels or the workshop and let us know if interested in giving a brief presentation. The final programme of the Day will be communicated in early October.

The Namibia Research Day is jointly organised by the Basler Afrika Bibliographien (Namibia Research Centre & Southern Africa Library), the Centre for African Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and the School of Humanities, Society and Development of the University of Namibia. Participation is free of charge.

Kindly register until Tuesday 12th September 2023 by using the registration form below or contact Dag Henrichsen via email to register.