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Call for projects: Movetia International Programme

Movetia's International Programme enables projects with at least one Swiss and one foreign institution, provides funding for up to two years and awards grants of between CHF 15,000 and CHF 150,000. Institutions of higher education are eligible to apply.

The aim of the International Programme is to support projects that contribute to the development and improvement of the Swiss education system through cooperation between one or more Swiss institutions and one or more European or non-European institutions. The cooperation projects aim for instance to:

  • establish and consolidate inter-institutional networks;
  • propose new processes or ways of working within the participating institutions through the exchange of experience and best practice;
  • develop training materials, new teaching approaches or new opportunities to be tested and, ideally, implemented;
  • produce guides or charters for the fields and actors represented by the institutions participating in the project.

This list is not exhaustive, as all projects are designed according to the needs of the participating Swiss institutions.

Application deadlines: 31 march 2023