/ Research, Doctorate/PhD

Job: Postdoctoral Researcher in Gender and Agroecology (50-75 %)

University of Bern

The Institute of Geography of the University of Bern is recruiting a Postdoctoral Researcher in Gender and Agroecology (50-75 %).

This role is part of the research project “Agroecology for the Resilience of Territories in Senegal – ARTS.” The main themes of the project include territorial agroecological approaches, intercultural dialogue, and feminist agroecology. The successful candidate will conduct research in Senegal and work closely with project partners. The duties include leading a research line, conducting field work in Senegal, publishing results, and community awareness-raising. Requirements include a PhD in human geography or related disciplines, experience in gender studies, social movements, proficiency in English and French. The position is based in Bern with fieldwork in Senegal, starting in December 2023 until April 2026.

Application deadline: 15 November 2023