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Newsletter of the Swiss Society for African Studies

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Twice per year, the Newsletter of the Swiss Society for African Studies (SSAS) reports on its members' activities and publications, and announces upcoming events. The current Newsletter reflects on the renewed encounters after the break due to Covid and the pleasure we take in these exchanges on site.

Table of Contents

Éditorial • Editorial

Communications • Mitteilungen

Protokoll der 48. Mitgliederversammlung der SGAS • Procès-verbal de la 48e assemblée générale de la SSEA
Annual report of the presidency for the year 2022
The African Bookshelf
Publication de thèses • Publikation von Dissertationen • Publication of Theses

Évenements • Events • Veranstaltungen

Annonces • Ankündigungen • Announcements
19th Biennial IASC Conference: The Commons We Want

Comptes rendus • Berichte • Reports

Second European Students’ Conference in African Studies (SESCAS)
7th Swiss Researching Africa Days • 7es Journées suisses d'études africaines
The Politics of Collaboration in North-South Research
Basel Debates  – Was kümmert uns “Afrika”?
Salon africain du livre à Genève
Soirée litteraire avec Oswalde Lewat (Literaturhaus Basel)

Young scholars • Jeunes Chercheurs • Nachwuchs

Ghana’s Public-Private Partnership with Novartis in the Field of
Sickle Cell Disease

Rencontres • Begegnungen • Encounters

Bringing African Voices to Swiss Homes: An Interview with Ruedi Küng

Publications • Publikationen

Comptes rendus • Besprechungen • Reviews
Laude Ngadi Maïssa : Africana. Figures de femmes et formes de pouvoir

Annonces • Ankündigungen • Announcements
Idrisse Désiré Machia A Rim : Les relations entre la Suisse et le Cameroun des indépendances à nos jours (1961–2013)
Djouroukoro Diallo, Thomas Bearth (eds): African Multilingualism and the Agenda 2030 / Multilinguisme africain et l'Agenda 2030
André Chappatte: In Search of Tunga. Prosperity, Almighty God, and Lives in Motion in a Malian Provincial Town
Lukas Meier: Mazumbai. Eine Familiengeschichte zwischen Tansania und der Schweiz
Kenny Cupers, Sophie Oldfield, Manuel Herz, Laura Nkula-Wenz, Emilio Distretti, and Myriam Perret (eds): What Is Critical Urbanism? Urban Research as Pedagogy
Sandra Schlumpf: Voces de una comunidad africana poco visible: los guineoecuatorianos en Madrid
Caroline Jeannerat: An Ethnography of Faith. Personal Conceptions of Religiosity in the Soutpansberg, South Africa, in the Early 20th Century