/ Research, Doctorate/PhD

Summer School: Youth, education and work in (post-)conflict areas (Uganda)

Empowering young talent to (re)build communities

20th to 30th of July, Gulu University, Uganda

At first sight, the small town of Gulu in northern Uganda is a lively meeting place bustling with activities. There is a huge market, an expanding university and one can get a good cup of coffee.

The summer school gives participants the chance to get a deeper understanding of the area which was once the battle ground of the

infamous Lord’s Resistance Army. Young people who were abducted or threatened to be abducted by this army are now struggling to find their way in education and work, also contributing to the development of their community.

The summer school will be oriented by academics from the region and from other (post-)conflict areas. Participants will conduct fieldwork together with Ugandan students. The programme includes the sharing of research results on youth initiatives, field visits, and data collection in and around Gulu town. This will give participants an opportunity to engage with the youth, their dreams and difficulties, but also their resilience and strength in an area where conflict has never been far away.

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