Music at the Centre for African Studies Basel

17 Oct 2018

Kohlenberg 20, Basel

the bird's eye jazz club

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Concert: Carlo Mombelli "Angels and Demons"

The Johannesburg bass wizard presents yet another enchanting project.

Carlo Mombelli

Carlo Mombelli engages with his personal angels and demons and thereby creates soundscapes full of energy. He combines effects and loops with two trombones, vibraphone and drums - played by true masters in their field.


Adrian Mears: trombone
Andreas Tschopp: trombone
Jorge Rossy : vibraphone
Carlo Mombelli: e-bass
Jonno Sweetman: drums


Video:Motian the Explorer (in memory of Daniel Pezzotti)

Door opens: 19.45 to 23.30 Uhr
Live Musik 20.30 to 22.45 Uhr (sets at 20.30 and 21.45 Uhr)

Eintritt: Einmaliger Eintritt CHF 14.— / 8.—


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