Music at the Centre for African Studies Basel

12 May 2023 - 13 May 2023
20:30  - 22:30

Kohlenberg 20, 4051 Basel

the bird's eye jazz club

Public event

Concert: Carlo Mombelli Trio - «Lullaby for Planet Earth»

Magic, colorful music, drenched by deep yearning

Carlo Mombelli

The exceptional bass player Carlo Mombelli from Johannesburg sculptures with his changeable e-bass, electric elements and loops a fairytale-like world, which touches deeply, consoles, disturbs and makes happy. His subtly lead, wonderful melodies, which allow for a deep vulnerability and authenticity, reverberate intensively and advance deep into the soul. Mombelli, with his outstanding co-musicians, manages to hold this hypnotic mood until the end. He is a magician, who creates a emergent, blooming, partially rampantly growing sound universe with his incredible sensitivity and a strong intuition for the dynamic, which sounds unmistakenly facet-rich, enchant and pressing, interwoben by melancholy, pain, but also hope and love.

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