Music at the Centre for African Studies Basel

31 Oct 2023
20:30  - 22:30

Kohlenberg 20, Basel

the bird's eye jazz club

Concert: The Rainmakers

Rousing advancement of spiritual jazz of the 60ies

The Rainmakers band picture

Even though each musician of the Rainmakers is a master in his expressive virtuosity and eruptive creativity, they don’t aim for a „higher-faster-further“. They search for what connects us as human beings with humility and an almost holy anger. Their sound liberates itself from all forms and compulsions, sings of revolt and rebellion and is yet permeated by a vibrating reconciliation and a gentle longing for present, pure enjoyment of life. The Rainmakers make everything blooming.


Javier Vercher: tenor sax
Afrika Mkhize: piano
Bänz Oester: bass
Genius Lee Wesley: drums

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