Music at the Centre for African Studies Basel

27 Oct 2023
16:00  - 22:30

Kohlenberg 20, Basel

the bird's eye jazz club

Concert: Vuma Levin Mini Orchestra

Reflected, contemporary jazz from South Africa

Portrait of Vuma Levin

The award-winning guitarist Vuma Levin is an alert, rising voice in the contemporary, South African and nowadays also international jazz scene. His latest album «The Past is Unpredictable: Only the Future is Certain” shows impressively, how he can further develop the South African traditional music of the Nguni-Sotho ethnicity with his brilliant, provocative compositions and combines it with jazz. An independent, self-confident and rich musical experience has been created!


Tijn Wybenga: conductor
Vuma Levin: guitar/vocals
Matthias Spillmann: trumpet
Andreas Tschopp: trombone
Domenic Landolf: bass clarinet
Bernard van Rossum: tenor/soprano saxes
Xavi Torres Vicente: piano
Marco Zenini: bass
Lukas Mantel: drums
Pablo Rodriguez: violin
George Dumitriu: viola
Yanna Pelse: viola
Pau Sola: cello


28.10.2023, 16:00 Museum Tinguely, Paul Sacher-Anlage 1, Basel,
28.10.2023, 20:30 the bird's eye jazz club, Kohlenberg 20, Basel,
29.10.2023, 20:30 the bird's eye jazz club, Kohlenberg 20, Basel,


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