Learning for (Ex)Change

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Learning for (Ex)Change is an international exchange project, which was created in cooperation of the University of Basel and the University of Namibia. Over a period of three years (2019-2021), two excursions will take place each summer - one in Namibia and one in Switzerland. The first Winter / Summer School took place in 2019 in Oranjemund, Namibia and in the Appenzellerland in Switzerland, under the title "Structural Change in Semi-Urban Regions in Namibia and Switzerland". The second edition will be held in 2020 under the topic "Rural Development" from 10.-20. June 2020 in the Beverin Nature Park (Graubünden, Switzerland) and from 28. June - 11. July 2020 in southern Namibia. The third and last edition will take place in 2021 under the topic "Water Management in Cross-Border Regions". Further information on the projects can be found on the respective sub-pages.

Summer/Winter School 2020

Namibia & Switzerland: Agriculture, Food, Conservation and Tourism


The joint Summer/Winter School 2020 will include ten students from the University of Basel, ten students of the University of Namibia (UNAM), as well as three young professionals on each side. The entire group will do two field courses - the first one in June 2020 to the Naturpark Beverin (Schweiz) and the second one in July 2020 to Karasburg and Noordoewer (Namibia). For additional details please refer to the course information “Food Systems and the Environment - Transformations in rural Namibia and Switzerland” in the course directory of the University of Basel.

Switzerland: 08 June - 20 June 2020
Namibia: 28 June - 11 July 2020

More information for young professionals can be found here (PDF, in German).

Students who are interested in joining please contact us before 5 January 2020:

Wanda Rutishauser: wanda.rutishauser@unibas.ch
Luregn Lenggenhager: luregn.lenggenhager@unibas.ch

Summer/Winter School 2019

Structural change in small towns and semi-urban regions in Namibia and Switzerland

In June and July 2019, the University of Basel and the University of Namibia organized two joint excursions, first to ORanjemund, Namibia and then to Appenzell, Switzerland. Students and young professionals from both countries dealt with the question of how small towns in both countries  deal with structural change; both in the past and in the present. So the overall question was, which strategies and possible alternatives are availlable to local authorities and individuals  to ensure economic survival in the region if the main economic sector ceases to exist. The study region in Namibia was Oranjemund, a small mining town in the South of the country. Towns like former Oranjemund are faced with the fact that mineral resources, in the case of Oranjemund diamonds, are exhausted and the large mining companies are withdrawing. The central research region in Switzerland was the Appenzellerland, which among other things had to cope with the decline and ultimately almost complete disappearance of the textile industry and upheavals in agriculture.

In small groups, the participants worked on different aspects of structural change, both historically and in relation to current and future questions. We have closely worked together with partner institutions from the respective regions.

Nine students and three young professionals from Namibia and seven students and two young professionals from Switzerland took part in the two excursions. With the inclusion of young professionals, the project wants to enable an exchange between practice and theory. Young professionals have already experienced the challenges and difficulties that face the concrete implementation of projects. An experience that students usually do not yet have. Conversely, young professionals benefit from university discussions to get new ideas and suggestions for their day-to-day work.


Namibia: 15.–29. June 2019

Switzerland: 8.–20. July 2019