Archives of mission 21

The archives of mission 21 is a place for interdisciplinary studies. It consists of written documents (mostly from the Basel mission) from the history of the mission and from a longtime contact with Ghana, Cameroon, south India and Indonesia.
The collection of historical photographs is available online:  The archive is open to public use, but advance notification is required. Services are available at standard fees.


Basler Afrika Bibliographien

General Archives

The General Archives consist of a press and documentation archive for all African countries, an archive for Swiss and European anti-apartheid and solidarity movements as well as an archive for African liberation movements.

Manuscript Archives

The Manuscript Archives contain legacies and bequests (or parts thereof) of individuals who lived and/or worked in Namibia or in southern Africa. In most cases the material comprises correspondence, manuscripts and publications, photographs and sometimes also diaries and transcriptions.

Schweizerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv (SWA)

The Schweizerisches Wirtschaftsarchiv (Swiss economic archive) is a branch of the Universit├Ątsbibliothek Basel. It is integrated into the library of the Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Zentrum (WWZ, centre for economic studies) of the University of Basel. The SWA offers recent and historic inormation on the Swiss economy and its institutional framework.
With reference to Africa the SWA offers documents on economic development in Africa and Swiss economic aid in Africa. There are collections on several topics, e.g. economic relations between Switzerland and various African countries. The collections of documents relating to factual isues can be browsed online via the SWA Sachdokumentationen web site. Documents on companies and associations can be found using the online-catalogue of the University Library (search for the name of the institution + "Dokumentensammlung"). The private archive-section of the SWA consists of about 500 archives of companies and associations as well as legacies and bequests from the 18th to 20th century; an overview can be gained through the catalogue.

Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt

The Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt (state archives of the canton of Basel-Stadt) consists of an extensive collection of documents, pictures and photographs on the history of the city and canton of Basel, strecthing from the middle-ages to the present. The archive is public and can generally be used free of charges.