Poster collection of Basler Afrika Bibliographien

The poster collection contains about 3.000 posters covering a broad thematic range (politics, economy, society, culture). The majority of the posters were produced during the last four decades. The geographical focus is on southern Africa. Most of the posters have been catalogued and digitalised and can be viewed via an online catalogue.

Poster collection Basel

The poster colletion of the School for Design Basel contains more than 50.000 Swiss posters from the last 120 years, the majority being advertisements for consumer goods, events and services (including public transportation and tourism). The collection is publically accessible.

Poster collection of the National Library

The poster collection of the Swiss National Library covers a broad range of posters by different artists. The posters relate to tourism, exhibitions, consumer goods, cultural events, sports and political campaigns. The posters are taken from the collections of the Swiss National Library, the Bibliothèque de Genève (BGE), the Bibliothèque public et universitaire (BPU NE) de Neuchâtel, the Médiathèque Valais and the Swiss Museum for Transport.

Poster collection Melville J. Herskovits library of African Studies

The Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University maintains a comprehensive collection of posters published in Africa and elsewhere. The posters provide a unique resource to carry on research in a broad range of disciplines by consulting the visual image created by governments (independent and colonial) and international agencies, as well as political, labor, social, religious, educational and cultural organizations. On their web site, 366 posters, selected as a representative sampling of the collection, are available for searching and viewing.