Development Cooperation: Africa and the SDGs

Continuing education course (17/18 October 2019) CANCELLED
Instead we offer the Africa Forum 2019 (18 October 2019)

In this course, participants will develop a thorough understanding of global development cooperation (foreign aid), its main features, and the effects it has on African societies. The course will critically engage with different approaches to development and discuss discourses and structural conditions that frame development cooperation. A particular focus is on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN’s Agenda 2030, currently the most important international development framework.

Specific projects and organisations will serve as cases to take a close look at how development cooperation works with regards to three dimensions: gender, religion and sustainability. Participants will differentiate between various forms of development cooperation and discuss goals, methods and potential as well as specific challenges and pitfalls.

  • Discourses and approaches to development
  • Actors in development co-operation
  • The role of the SDGs for the global development framework
  • Foreign aid and financial flows
  • Systemic approach and sustainability
  • Gender aspects and gender specific approaches
  • Religion and development

Depending on demand, the course is taught in English or German.

17 October 2019, 9am-5pm
18 October 2019, 9am-5pm

The course is awarded with 1 ECTS credit for the CAS in African Affairs (assessment required).

CHF 690 incl. course documentation; travel expenses, accommodation and meals are not included.

Additional fee for assessment (required for ECTS credits): CHF 60

Registration deadline: 26 September 2019

Coordinator continuing education