The Centre for African Studies Basel ZASB coordinates Africa-related teaching and research at the University of Basel and its partner institutions. It is an acknowledged centre for interdisciplinary Africa-focused research and offers a Master's and a PhD in African Studies as well as a continuing education programme for professionals.


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Recent publications

Rita Kesselring, Stefan Leins and Yvan Schulz, 2019
Valueworks: Effects of Financialization along the Copper Value Chain (Working Paper)

Based on research in Zambia, Switzerland and China, the interdisciplinary research project Valueworks examined the supply and value chain of one metal, copper, across three countries, Zambia, Switzerland and China.

Martin Lengwiler, Nigel Penn, Patrick Harries (eds.), 2019
Science, Africa and Europe. Processing Information and Creating Knowledge

This book poses questions about the changing role of European science and expert knowledge from early colonial times to post-colonial times. How did science shape understanding of Africa in Europe and how was scientific knowledge shaped, adapted and redefined in African contexts?

Technological transformations influence the field of African Studies both in its objects as well as in its forms of knowledge production and in the formulation of the problems we should study. In the Carl Schlettwein Lecture 2017, Mirjam de Bruijn reflects on two decades of research experience in West and Central Africa and discusses how, for her, the field has changed.

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The ZASB is very easy to reach by public transport. It takes about five minutes to reach the Centre from the tram/bus stops Schifflände (trams #6/8/11/14/16, buses #34/36) and Kunstmuseum (tram #1/2).