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08 May 2024

Basler Afrika Bibliographien | Klosterberg 23 | 4051 Basel (online participation possible)



Luregn Lenggenhager & Giorgio Miescher: Book Launch "The Lower !Garib – Orange River. Pasts and Presents of a Southern African Border Region"

Namibian and Southern African Studies Research Colloquium

The Research Colloquium provides a forum for local and international scholars to engage in crossdisciplinary and methodological debates in Southern African Studies, with particular reference to Namibian Studies. It is jointly offered with the School of Humanities, Society and Development, University of Namibia in online sessions and is open to all levels. Guests are welcome.

Giorgio Miescher and Luregn Lenggenhager are co-editors of a volume that examines the social history, geography, and economy of a hardly researched border region between Namibia and South Africa: the Lower !Garib, or Orange River. The publication results from the Swiss-South African Joint Research Project "Space in Time", jointly financed by the South African Research Fund and the Swiss National Research Foundation, and brings together scholars from Namibia, South Africa, and overseas.

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