Corruption and Integrity in Business and Development

Continuing education course (3/4 February 2022) *POSTPONED*

This course has been postponed to a later date. The new date will be announced on this page in due course.

How do societies deal with corruption? Which problems do organizations face when they operate in corruption-prone environments? Which actions can they take to enhance their integrity? This course provides participants with a thorough and reflected understanding of  corruption and integrity.

Participants critically engage with anti-corruption policies, trends and initiatives. They discuss different aspects of corruption and accountability from the perspectives of Swiss SMEs and multinationals as well as developmental NGOs. Based on case studies, participants assess their own awareness of corruption and discuss strategies and solutions to avoid involvement in practices that don’t comply with Swiss or foreign law and/or their organizations’ own codes of conduct.

In collaboration with:

    • Corruption in a social and politicalcontext
    • Anti-corruption policies and measures
    • Internationalization and corruption in the experience of Swiss SMEs and multinationals
    • Accountability and integrity from an NGO perspective
    • Practical solutions and best practice in business and development cooperation

    3 February 2022, 9am-5pm

    4 February 2022, 9am-5pm

    Disclaimer Corona

    The course is planned to take place on-site. However, should the current situation require it, the course will take place online. In that case, class times might change.

    The course is awarded with 1 ECTS credit for the CAS in African Affairs (assessment required).

    CHF 580 incl. course documentation; travel expenses, accommodation and meals are not included.

    Additional fee for assessment (required for ECTS credits): CHF 60

    Registration deadline: 9 January 2022