02 Feb 2023 - 04 Feb 2023

Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zürich/Staatsarchiv Schwyz

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

Conference: "Decolonizing Curricula, Pluralizing Research and Teaching Postcolonial Perspectives on Universities in the 21 st Century"

International conference at the ETH Zürich

The conference “Decolonizing Curricula, Pluralizing Teaching and Research” aims to provide a platform for an urgently needed debate on how universities can make use of postcolonial insights and perspectives to face the challenges of teaching and researching in the 21st century and become more open and diverse institutions, operating in a spirit of historical awareness, equality, and cosmopolitanism. Scholars and experts from around the world and local Swiss researchers, activists, and politicians will share their experience and knowledge and exchange opinions about the appropriate steps to take.

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