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Call for papers: Circulating Epistemologies to and from the South

Pan European Conference on International Studies (EISA-PEC), Athens (1-4 September 2022)

The panel "Circulating Epistemologies to and from the South" will take place in the context of the standing section (ST19) of the Pan European Conference on International Studies (EISA-PEC) on "Infrastructural Spaces and Disruptions of the Global Order: Crises of Circulation and Circulating Crises". The section is organised by Shrey Kapoor (Basel/Cornell) and Jutta Bakonyi (Durham). EISA-PEC 2022 will take place from 1-4 September 2022 in Athens.

The panel explores how the circulation of epistemologies to and from the South can be spurred by crises, and cause crises itself. How do socio-political and institutional crises open new avenues for epistemologies to travel, yet simultaneously limit the kind of knowledges that travels and the kind of actors that can legitimately participate in knowledge production? What are the transnational, global, regional, and local material conditions and infrastructures that enable and limit the circulation of epistemologies along the South-North axis? How do traveling epistemologies cause friction and crises in material space that in turn spur and justify the further circulation of knowledges across space? How are new material spaces produced by the circulation of epistemologies, and what are the conditions that limit access to such spaces? What agency do peripherical actors have in global networks of epistemic travels? How can we understand the relationality of the center-periphery distinction at play in the global circulation of knowledges? What roles do actors from the South play in the active appropriation, rather than passive reception, of knowledges of the North? How can we best conceptualize the entanglements between the circulations of capital, goods, and knowledges, and how do crises travel across the dividing line between the material and the immaterial? By providing elements of answer to the above questions, the panel seeks to further our understanding of the complex entanglements between plurilocal crises, materiality, and the circulation of epistemologies from and to the South.

Submission deadline: 16 March 2022

Contact: Shrey Kapoor