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Call for participation: "African Liberation: Public History, Power and Citizenship"

"Factory of Ideas 2022" doctoral school 2022, 4-12 November 2022, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique

This edition of the doctoral school will be organized by the Salvador Bahia Factory of Ideas, the Institute of Literature and Social Sciences and the Centre of African Studies of the Eduardo Mondlane University, and the Excellence Cluster Africa Multiple, University of Bayreuth. The program will concentrate on the topic “African Liberation: Public History, Power and Citizenship” in multidisciplinary perspectives (history, sociology, arts, literature, philosophy) to reflect on the changing versions of history over the decades in relation to needs and questions in the present.

During the programme, classes and discussions of projects will alternate. There will be streamed and “offline” practical workshops around the students’ research projects, “using digital archives on African Liberation”, “engendering analytical perspectives on African Liberation”, and “arts as archives”. The working formats are workshops and courses. Each workshop consists of 4 hours, presentations of the research of the students and discussions. The duration of a course is also 4 hours.

The language of the doctoral school will be English, but there will be both consecutive translation into Portuguese and YouTube automated subtitles in English for all broadcast activities. The total teaching load is 61 hrs, which makes it roughly equivalent to a normal graduate course (in Brazil, this corresponds to 4 credits).

The doctoral school will focus on the topic “African Liberation” as a more comprehensive, long, multiple, collective process. It will also reflect on the entanglements of political and cultural citizenship, on the one hand, and power relations, both inside the newborn nations and between them and their former metropolitan spaces. Finally, it will examine how these dynamics impact on the making of public history on “national liberation”. Classes and discussions will focus on the multiple medialities involved in the field of public history, considering biographies and published memories, but also cultural production at large (including music, cinema and literature, but also the university as privileged places of mediation for conflicting or converging narratives, as well as collective agendas.

The application deadline is 28 August 2022.