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Call for support: African Studies Library at the University of Cape Town

After the fire at the University of Cape Town on 18 April 2021, researchers who have worked with the African Studies Library Special Collections are invited to share copies of their records.

Disaster struck the University of Cape Town this weekend when a runaway bush fire destroyed several buildings, among them the African Studies Library and Special Collections. Rare and invaluable resources that have been indispensable to researchers all over the world were lost.

The Library now calls on the scholarly community to share any material they might have scanned, photocopied or photographed during their research at the library. If you have any such material in your collection please upload them here.

Members of the African Studies community of Basel who have relevant material in their holdings and need access to a efficient scanning device may book an appointment with the executive office and make use of our facilities (fast scan-to-mail with automatic feeder).