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Summer School "Difficult Heritage"

3 - 10 September 2022 in Borgo Rizza, organized by the Programme Critical Urbanisms, University of Basel

The program is constituted by a series of lectures, seminars, workshop, readings and site visits centered around the rural town of Borgo Rizza, build in 1940 by the ‘Ente della colonizzazione’ established by the fascist regime to colonize the south of Italy perceived as backward and underdeveloped. The town seems a perfect place for participants to analyze, reflect and intervene in the debate regarding the architectural heritage associated to painful and violent memories and more broadly to problematize the colonial relation with the countryside, especially after the renew attention due the pandemic. The summer program takes place inside the former ‘entity of colonization’ and constitutes the first intensive study period for the Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Course 2020/21 participants.

Prospective participants are invited to send a letter of motivation to Emilio Distretti.

Please see the link box below for more detailed information about the application process.