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"The Africa Bookshelf": A collection of fiction and faction

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With this collection on the university library platform Swisscovery, Natalie Tarr introduces a selection of books beyond the scholarly. "The Africa bookshelf" is a list of works of fiction and faction, whose story is situated in Africa. The books are written by authors from the continent and beyond.

The library at Swiss TPH features a new tool accessible via Swisscovery. All those interested in deepening their knowledge, adding another/one more perspective about the place/country/society they are working in can consult The Africa Bookshelf for books beyond the scholarly. The list has been compiled by Natalie Tarr with the idea of offering possibilities to colleagues and interested others in getting to know a place or a situation, a people, a society differently, maybe better, maybe from a whole new angle and viewpoint. The list’s intention is anthropological with no claim as to any established literary standards.

The Africa Bookshelf is also a list that is never complete – and it is meant to be interactive. Anybody interested can add a title; comments are welcome as well. The only prerequisites for adding a book is that the narration be situated in Africa and has been read by the person adding it to the list.