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11 Jun 2021 - 13 Jun 2021
14:00  - 18:00

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Action Days for Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Students Collective has initiated this platform for discussion and exchange.

Structural racism is embedded in every Swiss institution and in the fabric of Swiss society. It begins with children's books and games, in which BIPOC are often dehumanized, and stretches into policing, educational institutions, and state migration policies. The reality is that Black communities and communities of color are pushed into literal and figurative peripheries with worse access, fewer infrastructural resources, more targeted police surveillance, and subsequent state carceral violence.

The Action Days for Racial Justice from the 11. June - 13. June 2021 are about people who, despite everything, claim and create their own spaces, and about their stories, and practices. Four panel discussions bring together people with multiple roles and experiences. While needs, desires and visions may differ greatly, we are united by the goal of a just society with equal access to resources, equal treatment and dignity.

We focus on the Swiss context, while simultaneously connecting with people from South Africa, India, Palestine and the US. Additional workshops will enrich the Action Days with a lot of practical knowledge and expertise. Be it knowledge about the Swiss colonial history or how to build joyful spaces of resistance. We will take concrete steps towards racial justice together!

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