22 Mai 2024 - 23 Mai 2024
09:00  - 17:00

Centre for Biodiversity Conservation Research, University of Ghana and online via Zoom

MIASA (Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa)

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

Conference: "Urban transformation pathways, sustainable governance, and urban resilience building"

MIASA Conference, Interdisciplinary Fellow Group

Rapid urbanization in Ghana has led to considerable loss of natural green spaces and agricultural lands. As a result, urban systems are severely affected by climate change. Unfortunately, most urban resilience strategies and policies in the country have focused largely on disaster management and adaptation, while the underlying political and environmental issues are rarely considered. There is a need for new sustainable and integrated governance approaches.

Based on a case study of the Greater Accra Region, one of the most urbanized regions in the country, the project explored critical perspectives on the governance of water and urban/peri-urban agriculture to support food crop production resilience building. The Interdisciplinary Fellow Group is an initiative of MIASA which is based at the University of Ghana. It brings together a group of senior researchers from various disciplines and regions to jointly develop innovative research and share knowledge with communities and crucial stakeholders.

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