18 Sep 2023

Kollegienhaus Hörsaal 120

Information session: "Southern Urbanism & Urbanism across Geographies Study Tracks"

"Urbanism from the South track" in Cape Town and "Urbanism across Geographies" track with a six-week stay in Lamu, Kenya

In this information session (from 1.30pm-3pm), the Critical Urbanisms program will introduce the ‘Southern Urbanism’ and ‘Urbanism Across Geographies’ tracks for Spring 2024. These tracks combine coursework and varied forms of research practice. They are a chance to experiment with ways of knowing cities and places through fieldwork and community engagement. Both tracks interweave scholarly literature and collaborative forms of engagement in the city, offering a mode of learning built through various forms of methodological experimentation. In doing so, students will engage rigorously with the ethics and politics of research practice, and learn of the ways in which we build theory from practice in urban studies.

URBANISM ACROSS GEOGRAPHIES: A semester-long research studio with six weeks in Lamu, Kenya. This track examines the urban present from a local context, while seeking to make broader connections across borders. In examining the tensions that link local practices and realities with global forces, we pay particular attention to the historical colonial and imperial legacies, and trans-local processes that cross imagined global divides such as North/South, East/West.

SOUTHERN URBANISM: A tailed semester abroad program in Cape Town. This track responds to the need for rigorous, creative work to reimagine and understand cities in the global south. In this, we address problematic ways these cities have been understood in the urban canon - through universalizing northern theorizing - as well as in practice and policy - where southern cities are still too often seen as dysfunctional, as a problem of modernization and modernity.

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