16 Mai 2023


Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE)


Workshop: "South-North and South-South Collaborations in Medical Genomics Research in Africa"

Part of an online workshop series in relation to the annual conference "Decolonizing Swiss Research Collaborations" by KFPE

Overview: This online workshop aims to bring together three leading Principal Investigators (PIs) in medical genomics from three different African countries to discuss aspects and opportunities for South-South collaborations in the field. The workshop will also explore the risks and potential benefits of collaborating with medical genetics labs in the European Union and Switzerland.


  • To discuss the modern challenges and opportunities in medical genomics research in Africa
  • To share experiences and best practices in medical genomics research among the PIs
  • To explore new strategies and approaches to advancing medical genomics research through South-South collaborations in Africa
  • To evaluate the risks and benefits of collaborations with medical genetics labs in the European Union and Switzerland
  • To develop guidelines for ethical and equitable collaborations with EU and Swiss scientists.

Organised by Hugues Abriel and Patricia Teixidor.
Speakers: Prof. Laila Bouguenouch from Fez, Morocco, Prof. Gerrye Mubungu from Kinshasa, DRC, Prof. Shahida Moosa from Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa.

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