28 Nov 2022
12:15  - 14:00

Hirschgässlein 21 | 4051 Basel | Seminar Room 4

Department of History

Kolloquium / Seminar

Ben Erpelding and Danelle van Zyl-Hermann: Thesis Presentation Day

Research Seminar African History

The research seminar African History is a forum for MA and doctoral students as well as postdocs from Basel to discuss their ongoing projects. In addition, we invite international scholars to present their research in the field of African History. The research seminar is open to all students, staff members, and guests with an interest in the history of Africa.

Thesis Presentation by Ben Erpelding (Universität Basel) and Danelle van Zyl-Hermann (Universität Basel) as part of the Research Seminar "African History"
Ben Erpelding (Universität Basel) Sklaverei und Sklavenhandel in westafrikanischen Missionsgebieten
Danelle van Zyl-Hermann (Universität Basel) Images that Move: From 1930s White Indigence to Twenty-First Century Poverty Porn in South Africa

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