29 Apr 2024
14:00  - 16:30

Kollegienhaus der Universität Basel

ZASB, ACT, ABI, Basel Institute on Governance


EUCOR cross-border workshop: "Citizenship in times of change. East-African perspectives"

Part II of a workshop in the framework of the ZASB key area "Politics and Governance" in conjunction with the University of Freiburg

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Photo: Helga Dickow

The Africa Centre for Transregional Research, the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute (University Freiburg), the Basel Institute on Governance and the Centre for African Studies Basel are organising a workshop to deepen the exchange on issues of citizenship with a focus on East Africa.

Citizenship is not a stable condition, but subject to change. It is not a given, but has to be fought for. It can gradually dwindle in phases of public disengagement, motivated by disenchantment with a government or as a result of active exclusion. The workshop will address the temporal dimensions of fluctuating citizenship, affected by crisis, violent conflict and re-foundations of polities, which offer opportunities for mobilization (or resistance), but also potentially new constraints on civil rights.

Registration is open until 12 April 2024.

Chair: Saba Kassa, Basel Institute on Governance


Citizenship beyond the nation-state? Exploring the prospects of the envisioned East African Political Federation (keynote lecture)

Alexander Makulilo (University of Dar es Salaam)


Kenyan Citizenship Regime in the Light of Public Participation

Gloria Kenyatta (Freiburg University)


Coffee Break



The African Union Border Program and Citizenship/Belonging Politics on the Malawi-Mozambique Borderland

Anusa Daimon (University of Malawi)


Rethinking Citizenship and Belonging in Switzerland Presentation

Tebuho Winnie Kanyimba (University of Basel)



Michael Aeby (University of Basel)


Group discussion



Chair: Franzisca Zanker, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute


Competing Ideologies in the Construction of Post-Conflict Ethiopia. A Focus on Contested Citizenship

Catherine N’gang’a (University of Freiburg)


Awkward citizenship in Central Switzerland

Matthias Claudio Maurer Rueda (University of Basel)


Coffee Break



Citizenship Rights in the Context of Violent Extremism in Northern Mozambique

Rufino Sitoe (University of Basel)

16:00 - 16.40


Andreas Mehler (Arnold Bergstraesser Institute)


Group discussion



Reflective conclusion

 Elisio Macamo (University of Basel)


19.00: Evening lecture by Dr. Serawit B. Debele University of Bayreuth): “Genealogies of African Studies in Germany: An intersectional critique”
University of Freiburg, Room: KG I, Hörsaal 1098


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