11 Okt 2023

Basler Afrika Bibliographien, Klosterberg 23, Basel

Martha Akawa, Dag Henrichsen, Giorgio Miescher, Julia Rensing, Lorena Rizzo

Henriette Gunkel (Ruhr University Bochum): “Sand, Atmosphere, Memorialisation: Some Reflections on the Remains of German Colonial Extraction in Namibia’s Desert”

In the framework of the Namibian and Southern African Studies Research Colloquium

The Research Colloquium provides a forum for local and international scholars to engage in crossdisciplinary and methodological debates in Southern African Studies, with particular reference to Namibian Studies. It is jointly offered with the School of Humanities, Society and Development, University of Namibia in online sessions and is open to all levels. Guests are welcome!

Course Number: 69213-01 (3 ECTS) - students at the University of Basel are required to attend on-site)

Contact for registration and zoom link: ellen.sow@clutterunibas.ch and martha.akawa@clutterunam.na

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