28 Nov 2022 - 09 Dez 2022

Online via Zoom



swisspeace course: Strategic Dialogues in Peace Processes (virtual course, 7 half-days)

Continuing education course

Dialogue is a practical and effective method for transforming conflicts. Given the complexity of today’s conflicts, peace processes require different initiatives to address multiple conflict dynamics and causes. Besides formal peace negotiations and mediation between warring parties, broader peace processes encompass strategic dialogues at various levels of society. Building understanding and trust among diverse societal groups, strategic dialogues have the potential to prevent violence, foster social cohesion, and improve relations between the population and governmental institutions.

In this virtual course, participants gain insights into the complex challenges and opportunities of strategic dialogue in peace processes. It provides an in-depth training for peace practitioners facilitating and supporting strategic dialogues.

For further information, please contact academy@clutterswisspeace.ch

Application Deadline: 15 October 2022.

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