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Call: Doctoral Program "Regimes of Inequality"

Department of Contemporary History, University of Fribourg

The transdisciplinary doctoral program, offered by the bilingual Department of Contemporary History at the University of Fribourg, brings together PhD students and scholars from a variety of disciplines to analyze and discuss regimes of inequality in Switzerland, Europe and the world. The objective is to question the making of inequality from a historical point of view and thereby develop transdisciplinary and intertemporal approaches. What are the political, social, cultural and economic factors that generate, stabilize and reproduce inequality? How do actors, groups and institutions participate in these processes or, conversely, organize and mobilize to challenge the status quo? How can methods, theories and approaches of intersectionality be fruitfully applied to examine past and current regimes of inequality?

Target Group

The doctoral program is opened to PhD students from a wide disciplinary range including history, political sciences, sociology, gender studies, medical humanities, social anthropology, econom- ics as well as cultural, religious and legal studies. The aim is to create a network of doctoral stu- dents and researchers that reaches beyond disciplinary, institutional and linguistic boundaries. Members can express themselves and present their projects in German, French and English.

Deadline for Apllications: 31 January 2022.