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Jobs: Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers in "Production of Migration"

Collaborative Research Center (CRC) "Production of Migration", Osnabrück University

The DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center (CRC) "Production of Migration" (SFB 1604) examines the conditions and functions of the social production and negotiation of migration across disciplines. The aim of SFB 1604 is to establish reflexive migration research as an approach to the study of society. The CRC comprises 17 projects and an Integrated Research Training Group for its PhD students. It is located at Osnabrück University. Partner institutions are the University of Münster, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Europa-Universität Flensburg and the FU Berlin/ZZF Potsdam. The Collaborative Research Center is offering 18 positions for Doctoral Researchers and 3 positions for Postdoctoral Researchers.

These positions begin on April 1, 2024 and end on December 31, 2027.
Application deadline: January 10, 2024.