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Call for Papers: "Migration Health Around the Globe - A Construction Site With Many Challenges"

Special Issue of the International Journal of Public Health

The issue editors call for Original Articles and Reviews on topics related to migrant or refugee health and health care from any disciplinary and national perspectives, e.g. on

  • Migrant healthcare needs in institutional settings (e.g., overcoming language barriers, meeting womens’ specific health needs, socio-cultural or traditional influences on healthcare-seeking behavior)
  • Healthcare providers’ attitudes and health services for migrants and refugees 
  • Studies on health during migration or flight, also from refugees’ perspectives
  • Health of migrants and refugees in vulnerable situations, e.g., during the Covid-19 pandemic, war
  • Migration health research, collaboration and resource allocation mechanisms (for financial, material, personnel, and research resources) that improve collaboration
  • Innovative training for health professionals to improve the health of migrants and refugees, provide culturally sensitive care, and meet the specific needs of women

The Call is open from 15 March 2022 until 15 March 2023.