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Call for Papers: "Old problems and new journalism? Exploring the contours of African environmental communication"

Special Issue, African Journalism Studies

Environmental issues are growing in prominence within Africa and African journalism is responding by offering new and existing spaces for their deliberation. Given these developments, this Special Issue seeks to update the knowledge of environmental journalism at the present time and, specifically, to offer a space to interrogate some important conceptual developments for environmental communication in the African context.

Potential contributions may address, but are not limited, to the following topics:

  • Environmental specialist reporters
  • Training and professional practice for environmental reporting
  • Journalists’ relationship with environmental advocacy and PR
  • Legacy and online news production and environmental news writing
  • Framed environmental news coverage and visuals
  • Alternative environmental views from citizen and activist journalism
  • Politics, media ownership and the visibility of environmental concerns
  • Journalists, reporting and public opinion
  • Journalism, audiences, and green culture

Deadline for abstract submission: 30 September 2022.