16 Mär 2021
11:00  - 12:30


East Arica Research Fund (EARF)

Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

Claudia Baez Camargo: East Africa Research Fund end-of-programme event

Presentation of the final results of the project "Corruption attitudes, social norms and behaviours in East Africa"

Claudia Baez Camargo, the Basel Institute's Head of Public Governance, will showcase the results of her and her team's research under the UK's East Africa Research Fund (EARF) at an end-of-programme event of the East Arica Research Fund EARF ("Celebrating Research and Innovation: An End-of-Programme Event", 16 and 17 March 2021).

The research project, entitled “Corruption attitudes, social norms and behaviours in East Africa”, looked at how behavioural factors influence attitudes towards petty corruption in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Research highlights

In brief, the research illuminates:

  • How social networks function as problem-solving resources for citizens.
  • The importance of understanding how solidarity, reciprocity and a sense of moral obligation towards the group can impact a person's propensity to engage in petty corruption.
  • The effect of common mental models, such as "everybody is doing it".

Interestingly for anti-corruption policymakers, donors and programme managers, the research also revealed evidence of how incorporating behavioural insights into anti-corruption interventions can promote positive outcomes.

The event will be hosted via Microsoft Teams. To access the event, please consult the programme.

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