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26 May 2022

Theater Freiburg Kleines Haus | Bertholdstrasse 46 | D-79098 Freiburg

Freiburg Festival

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Star Boy Collective & Ahilan Ratnamohan: "Reverse Colonialism! // Performance"

Freiburg Festival 2022: "Performing Democracy"

Three performers from Cameroon and Nigeria living in Belgium try to solve the troublesome migration-integration debacle. Their answer? A new country for African Europeans and European Africans! But before this utopian state can be built, some questions have to be answered, and the audience is allowed to join in. How and especially where should this promised land be? In the northwest of France, where there is already a high concentration of (African) migrants, whether legal or illegal? Or better in Central Africa, which is rich in raw materials? Rules have to be established regarding family, religion, form of government, etc. Like in an election debate, the various socio-political drafts are presented to the viewers, discussed and voted on.

Reverse Colonialism! emerged from the sobering living situation of the twelve members of the Star Boy Collective - all former footballers from West Africa - who, after several years of uncertainty, now all live legally in Belgium, but have little prospect of more than unskilled labor jobs. The collective, which brings a breath of fresh air to the Belgian art scene, turns the tables in this politically charged performance and takes a self-confident, uncensored and provocative look at a possible future. Join the group to decide: "Africa United" or "New Africa"?

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