08 Mär 2023 - 17 Mär 2023

Online via Zoom



swisspeace course: Documenting and Archiving from a Dealing with the Past Perspective (virtual course, 6 half-days)

Continuing education course

Documentary evidence plays an important role in dealing with the past processes. It is indispensable for truth seeking, accountability, reparations, institutional reforms, vetting, memorialization and history. However, if the creation, collection, management, and preservation of such evidence is not properly done, records and archives documenting violations of human rights and international humanitarian law can be at risk of losing their value and thus prevent their future usability. In this course, participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding on how documenting and archival practices can support dealing with the past processes. Additionally, topics related to documenting and archiving principles, good practices for the creation and capture of information, arrangement and description, access, preservation and protection will also be introduced. Finally, participants will also learn about ethical and legal responsibilities, such as informed consent, information privacy, the right to be forgotten and do no harm. This course is perfect for civil society and governmental actors who want to update their skills in a practice-oriented manner. Course materials are introduced by drawing on concrete examples, which allows participants to gain valuable knowledge for their daily work. 

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Application Deadline: 31 January 2023.

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